Mazda 626

1991-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Mazda 626

+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engines
- 4. Heating and ventilation
   4.1. Introduction
   4.2. Technical characteristics
   4.3. Thermostat
   4.4. Cooling fans
   4.5. Radiator and broad tank
   4.6. Water pump
   4.7. The sensor of temperature of cooling liquid
   4.8. Oil radiator of the engine (6-cylinder models)
   4.9. Electric chain of the motor of the delivery fan
   4.10. Motor of the delivery fan
   4.11. Control unit heater and air conditioner
   4.12. Heater radiator
   - 4.13. Systems of air conditioning and heating
      4.13.1. Electric chain of coupling of the compressor of the air conditioner
      4.13.2. Moisture separator of central air of air
      4.13.3. Compressor of the air conditioner
      4.13.4. Refrigerator of central air of air
      4.13.5. Evaporator of central air of air
      4.13.6. Broad nozzle of central air of air
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Exhaust system
+ 7. Transmissions
+ 8. Coupling and semi-axes
+ 9. Brake system
+ 10. Running gear
+ 11. Body
+ 12. Electric equipment
+ 13. Electroschemes
+ 14. Good advice

4.13.6. Broad nozzle of central air of air


Broad nozzle

The broad nozzle consists of a measuring diaphragm and several filters.

1. Long (inlet) end
2. Sealing ring
3. Short (final) end


1. Lower pressure in system. Disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator.
2. In four-cylinder models remove the pump of system of hydrostrengthening of a steering to the party (without disconnecting a tube) and arrange it aside. Remove connections of tubes of the coolant conducting from the refrigerator to the evaporator, by means of the special tool.
3. When you disconnect tubes, you will see one end of a nozzle in a tube of the leader to the evaporator. Take a nozzle from a tube.


Installation is carried out upside-down removals.